Keep getting up. I’m not naïve. There are legitimate addictions and legitimate problems in this room. There is alcohol. There are drugs. There is promiscuity. There is marital infidelity. On and on I could go. There are some train-wrecked lives in this joint. Hear me. Self-pity will destroy you. It will suck the life right out of you. So what I need you to hear me say from the gospel is there is no error, no addiction with more power than the cross of Christ. Get up. Keep getting up.

Don’t say, “It doesn’t work for me,” if you’ve never actually tried it. So you need to confess your sins and get help. “Well I think I can beat it.” Well I think you have several years of history that say you can’t. If you could just let go, trust God, and trust the covenant community of faith to walk with you, freedom might be had. To drag secrets kicking and screaming into the light through the means of confession that you might be healed is the most terrifying yet freeing thing you could ever do. Some of you need to just keep getting up because you’re not listening to the gospel because you believe you can’t be forgiven and you’re stuck in these things. You’re not stuck. You can get up and move. Get up and move.

Matt Chandler (via kschlabaugh)

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