This video I made back in 2012 is really close to my heart.

After a day of studying and bunkering down to my work done I finally caught a break and decided to watch all my old videos to see how much I’ve improved (or not). I scrolled to this video and thought about the circumstances I was in when I decided to put this video together.

This video was made in a time of weakness.

I just had a three year relationship end on me, forcing me into this transition phase where I was trying to figure out how to move on with my life. I stopped going to church.  I stopped opening up to people. I stopped trusting in God.  I was too naive to know what He had in store for me, and honestly, I didn’t care at the time.  The ending sequence of the video simply says “Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013,” which was me trying to properly move on from what has been one hell of a struggle.

Funny thing is, I am in the same position now. I feel weak again. I feel desperate again. I am having second thoughts on church again.  Its crazy how even when you think you’ve buried these habits and tendencies they always find a way to un-root themselves and take over so easily.  I guess the only difference now is that I know what I’m feeling is wrong.

Well, see you when I see you.

Psalm 51:1


Maybe a new hobby? Spent a week making this wood frame for my keyboard from scratch… Not perfect by any means but itll have to do.  Time to give my calloused hands a break haha.  For all the possible nerds out there. Keyboard: KBT Pure w/ Cherry MX Blacks. Wood: Walnut